• Access to Learning for Health, with Particular Reference to HIV/Aids: Some Ideas 

      Brito, Lídia (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2008-07-16)
      Slides of presentation at the Fifth Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open and Distance Learning (PCF5), London, UK, 16 July 2008. Presented by Professor Lídia Brito.
    • Artemisia Improving Livelihoods In Eastern And Central Kenya 

      Kago, E K; Arundo, T O; Ngetich, A K; Nthuraku, F K (2013-11)
      Malaria has remained a major killer in Africa mainly to children under 5 years. Teachers, parents, pregnant and breast feeding mothers waste productive man-hours either being sick or taking care of their sick children ...
    • Bridging the Gap between Community and Cardiologists 

      Jamatia, Biplab (2013-11)
      The prevalence of coronary heart disease (CHD) among adults is reported to be 3- 4% and 8 – 10% in rural and urban areas respectively. The prevalence of CHD has increased considerably in India, in the last few decades. It ...
    • Bridging the Gap between Community and Cardiologists 

      Jamatia, Biplab (Commonwealth of Learning, 2015)
      Cardiovascular diseases are an emerging cause of morbidity and mortality in India. India produces less than 150 cardiologists annually leading to a gap between the need and availability of trained professionals. Three years ...
    • Capacity building in HIV/AIDS care in Anti Retroviral Therapy Centre through Open and Distance Learning 

      Jamatia, Biplab; Jena, T K (2013-11)
      India has the third largest number of people living with HIV/AIDS. As per HIV Sentinel Surveillance 2008-09, there are an estimated 23.9 lakh people living with HIV/AIDS in India in 2009. Currently nearly 9.6 lakh patients ...
    • Child Health Course 

      African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF) (African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF), 2007)
      This is one of the continuing professional development courses offered by African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF) through distance learning. This course has been revised and contains the most current concepts such as ...
    • COL Healthy Communities 

      Pringle, Ian (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2012-05-20)
      The real question guiding our work and my comments today is How do we reach large numbers of people, often in difficult circumstances, and enable them learn the basic health information they need to survive and thrive – ...
    • COL's Healthy Communities Initiative 

      Pringle, Ian (Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, 2010)
      COL aims to increase access to appropriate learning materials and programming by citizens, community groups and healthcare workers, enabling better community responses to maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS and other health ...
    • Communicable Diseases 

      African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF) (African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF), 2007)
      The course units can be downloaded in MSWindows (DOC) and Open Office Document (ODT) formats. Contains 16 units - Unit 1: Introduction to Communicable Diseases - Unit 2: Principles of Infection Prevention & Control - Unit ...
    • Community Radio and Health Development in Rural Cameroon: An Impact Evaluation of COL-Cameroon Link Program in Lebialem SWR, Cameroon 

      Afutendem, Lucas N (2013-11)
      Community radios are key role players and important change makers in establishing and promoting healthy trends and life styles. In an effort to educate, protect, support and promote mother and child health care best practices ...
    • A Comparative Study between the Learners of Computer Science and Health Science of Bangladesh Open University 

      Numan, Sharker M; Rahman, K M Rezanur; Sadat, Anwar (2010-11)
      Success of distance education would be depended on how the policy makers’ are aware of the problems, needs, attitudes and characteristics of their learners. The present study tried to reflect the learners’ demographic ...
    • Connections (vol. 11, no. 2) 

      Wilson, Dave; Speirs, Karen (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2006-06)
      COL newsletter published June 2006
    • Designing a PBL and TBL Curriculum that Enhances Education Opportunities for General Medical Practitioners in Mozambique 

      Billings, Heather J; Gomes, Aurelio; Inroga, Monica; Pearson, John; Walker, Elizabeth R (2010-11)
      West Virginia University and the Catholic University of Mozambique have established a partnership for improving medical education in Mozambique. The Catholic University of Mozambique Faculty of Medicine was established ...
    • Digital Health Literacy in Commonwealth Pacific Nations 

      Sauni, Pale; Terry, Neal (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2012-09)
      The Commonwealth of Learning engaged the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand to conduct a research study on current initiatives in digital health literacy in the community health sector. The study focused primarily on the ...
    • Drug Management and Rational Use 

      African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF) (African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF), 2007)
      The aim of this course on drug management and rational use is to improve the quality of health care through cost-effective use of medicines. This course is made up of the following six (6) units: Unit 1 - Policies and Drug ...
    • The effect of Open Educational Resource materials in HIV prevention activities in Ghana 

      Koomson, Ebenezer (2013-11)
      Background: Misguided beliefs in causes and effects of chronic diseases in cultural settings and other health seeking behaviours made the incorporation of HIV and AIDS control program into the health care delivery system ...
    • An effective community learning process on promotion of Integrated Management of Childhood Illness and Safe Motherhood: A case study of a participatory radio program ( Phukusi la Moyo), Mchinji district, Malawi 

      Banda, Florida M (2013-11)
      Phukusi la Moyo is a radio magazine program which combines formal radio listenership and face to face discussion by group members. The program is concerned with maternal and child health and started in 2009 as a community ...
    • Female Education as a Means of Reducing Infant and Maternal Mortality in Nigeria 

      Anene, Chukwuemeka J; Anene, Francisca (2013-11)
      Nigeria has acceded to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Though much has been said about universal basic education and combating the spread of malaria and HIV/AIDs, it does not appear that as much effort is ...
    • Healthy Communities 

      Pringle, Ian (Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, 2014)
      In this video, Mr. Ian Pringle, Education Specialist, Media, Commonwealth of Learning, presents COL's Healthy Communities Programme Initiative.(Duration: 3:20) 2014
    • Ian Pringle In Cameroon 

      Pringle, Ian (2011-09)
      Ian Pringle, COL's Media Education Specialist, visited Cameroon from the 3rd - 10th September, 2011 during which he held meetings with stakeholders of the Commonwealth of Learning Programme to expand Open Distance Learning ...