• Opening Remarks: Educational Technology 2000 

      Macdonald, H Ian (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 1996-08)
      I believe that access is what this Conference is all about; it is certainly what the Commonwealth of Learning is all about. And the miracles of educational technology make access possible now on a scale heretofore unimagined.
    • Partnership or Paternalism 

      Dhanarajan, Gajaraj (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 1996-08-13)
      There are many things about OUR century that we can be proud of. Colonialism is by and large gone and most countries are now independent; more and more people want to participate in making their communities work and the ...
    • Teachers, Technology and (Re)Training 

      Dhanarajan, Gajaraj (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 1999-12-01)
      Teachers, Technology and (Re)Training by Professor Gajaraj Dhanarajan, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Commonwealth of Learning Delivered at a Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC)/ Asia-Pacific ...