• Aptus: A Potential Support System for Education in Emergencies 

      Balaji, Venkataraman (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2017-03-22)
      Workshop presented by Dr. Venkataraman Balaji, Director - Technology and Knowledge Management, Commonwealth of Learning, for Mobile Learning Week 2017 in Paris, France, on 22 March 2017.
    • Connected Learning and Ag Extension: Shall the twain meet? 

      Balaji, Venkataraman (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2016-01-05)
      Presented by Dr. V. Balaji at the 8th Global Communications Research Association in Bangalore, India, 5-7 January 2016.
    • Looking Ahead for COL: Reimagining the Future of Learning 

      Kanwar, Asha; Balaji, Venkataraman (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2017-07-11)
      Presented by Professor Asha Kanwar, President & CEO, Commonwealth of Learning, at the International Forum on ICT and Education 2030, 11 July 2017, Qingdao, China. Co-written with Dr Venkataraman Balaji.
    • Making Mobile Learning Highly Viable in Contexts with no Connectivity or Grid Power: A Recent Implementation 

      Balaji, Venkataraman; Ally, Mohamed; Shinde, Vanita; Mose, Mose (Commonwealth of Learning (COL);Qatar Foundation;Athabasca University;Mann Deshi Foundation;The National University of Samoa, 2017-03-22)
      Workshop presentation by Dr. Venkataraman Balaji (Commonwealth of Learning), Dr. Mohamed Ally (Athabasca University), Vanita Shinde (Mann Deshi Foundation), and Mose Mose (National University of Samoa) for Mobile Learning ...
    • OER for Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education: From Commitment to Action 

      Kanwar, Asha; Mishra, Sanjaya; Balaji, Venkataraman (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2017-02-23)
      Presented by Professor Asha Kanwar, President & CEO, Commonwealth of Learning, at the Europe Open Educational Resources Regional Conference, 23 February 2017, Valletta, Malta. Co-written with Dr Sanjaya Mishra, COL and Dr ...