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Podcast Series: The Path to Female Leadership
(2022-05) Wallace, Ann; Ige, Motun; Longsworth, Luz; McCutcheon, Judy; Gibson, Diane; Tross, Samantha; Kité, Elizabeth; Mensah-Williams, Margaret; Kanwar, Asha; Abulokwe, Nneka; Naido, Rajani
CommonwealthWiseWomen (CWW) was a COL mentorship programme (2021-2023) that linked eminent female professionals with women and girls in underserved communities for developing leadership skills. This ten-episode podcast series offered under this programme is hosted by Dr Ann Wallace, Higher Education Management & eLearning Specialist, who speaks with prominent females from each region of the Commonwealth to discuss “the road to female leadership”; conversations about the path to leadership and development as a female in the education, business, government, non-government, entrepreneurship, and health sectors.
  • Episode 1: Female Role Models and Home Training – Leadership Prep?
  • Episode 2: Lead From Where You Are
  • Episode 3: Born to Lead
  • Episode 4: Leading with Heart
  • Episode 5: Where There’s No Trail – Blaze On
  • Episode 6: The Rights to Lead
  • Episode 7: I’m A Woman – Watch Me Lead
  • Episode 8: You’re a Leader When Those You Lead Benefit from Your Actions
  • Episode 9: Condition Your Mind for Leadership
  • Episode 10: Leading with Humility and Truth
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Open Resources for English Language Teaching (ORELT)
(2012) Adeyanju , Thomas K; Maisamari , Musa; Ndege, Speranza M; Sanyal, Mukti; Muganda, Cornelia; Olaofe, Isaac; Boruah, Padmini
Open Resources for English Language Teaching (ORELT) is intended to support the classroom activities of teachers of junior secondary schools (JSS). The aims of ORELT are to: Provide a bank of ‘open content’ multi-media resources in on-line and traditional text formats that will support school-based education and training for teachers in junior secondary schools; Provide ‘open content’ support resources for teacher educators who prepare teachers for junior secondary schools. To achieve these aims a Situation analysis of English language teaching (ELT) in selected Commonwealth nations was undertaken to determine strengths, gaps and challenges of teaching English in Africa and Asia. This formed the basis for developing appropriate materials that address the needs and realities of JSS teachers. The six modules are:
  • Module 1: Better Listening
  • Module 2: Speaking for Better Communication
  • Module 3: Success in Reading
  • Module 4: Effective Writing
  • Module 5: Language through Literature
  • Module 6: Communicative Grammar
Each module has five units containing a range of case studies, activities and resources which teachers can easily adapt and use in their classrooms. Note, the OERLT project and portal is no longer active, resources from this project are available in PDF format only.
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Programme Achievement 2023-24
(2024-06) Commonwealth of Learning (COL)
The Commonwealth of Learning Programme Achievement Report for 2023-2024 as presented to the Board of Governors.
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Policies, Pedagogies and Technologies to Complement MOOCs for Teacher Professional Development
(2024-07) Traxler, John; Ogange, Betty; Commonwealth of Learning (COL)
This report explores innovative uses of digital technology to support and deliver teacher development in low-income countries and disadvantaged regions while utilising global MOOC provision. The report emphasizes flexibility, sustainability, and cultural sensitivity through social media, emerging pedagogies, and technological solutions. It addresses the challenges of delivering scalable, cost-effective solutions while working with diverse, hard-to-reach communities. Recommendations include the need to promote resilient, adaptable learning that avoids privileging already advantaged groups. Strategies include improving MOOC platforms, leveraging local technologies, and developing community-specific resources. The report, co-authored by Professor John Traxler and Dr Betty Ogange, underscores the need to decolonize the curriculum and emphasizes a gradual, inclusive approach to change. It aims to balance global digital resources with sustainable local practices, encouraging lifelong learning and professional development for teachers in underserved areas.
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Policies and Practices in Open, Distance and Technology-Enabled Learning in Teacher Training in Kenya
(2024-07) Gacicio, Esther; Commonwealth of Learning (COL)
This report explores ODL policies and practices in pre-service and in-service teacher training for pre-primary, primary, secondary, and tertiary levels in Kenya. The report examines the vital role of education and training in achieving Kenya Vision 2030 in order to transform Kenya into a middle-income country. Various institutions and stakeholders, including the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), contributed to the report. It highlights challenges in the uptake of the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) programme and also discusses the establishment of the Open University of Kenya to promote Open, Distance, and E-Learning (ODeL) methods. Despite existing policies and frameworks, gaps remain in quality assurance, digital literacy, infrastructure, and support systems. This necessitates further policy interventions for the effective integration of ODL, TEL, OER, and MOOCs in teacher training.