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    The Role and Opportunities for Distance Education using Telecommunications and ICT in the Caribbean
    ( 1998-09-25) Long, Brian
    In my reincarnation as a promoter of the use of appropriate technologies in education, I am discovering that it is possible to become even more enthusiastic. Especially when one appreciates the limitless possibilities offered by the now widespread availability of affordable pipelines to carry information to the most remote regions of our planet.
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    Remarks: Indira Gandhi National Open University
    ( 1996-02-07) Dhanarajan, Gajaraj
    I bring you greetings from the Commonwealth of Learning; thank you for inviting me to this important meeting, to learn from you of developments in student support systems here in India and to share with you a few thoughts of my own on the subject.
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    Remarks: Kota Open University
    ( 1996-02-10) Dhanarajan, Gajaraj
    Transcript of speech at first convocation ceremony, Kota Open University, February 10, 1996. Presented by Professor Gajaraj Dhanarajan, President, The Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver.
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    Global Trends in Distance Learning: A Broad Overview
    ( 1996-02-11) Dhanarajan, Gajaraj
    It gives me enormous pleasure to attend this meeting today and share with you some thoughts on the environment, issues, challenges, opportunities and practise of higher distance and open education around us. I do not wish to describe ad nauseam the typologies of distance education around the globe (there are some good accounts of these which you can read for yourself), but look at some major trends that are emerging and draw some conclusions from these as to what future distance education globally may look like in the next century. As you would appreciate, given my experience, I am guided by what is happening in the dedicated distance teaching institutions around the Commonwealth rather than the entire world. However, important developments are taking place elsewhere which will have an impact on all of us. Therefore, with your indulgence, I will attempt to wrap this discussion by drawing on developments peripheral to education per se especially in areas such as the information highway which in one way or another will have a role to play in our sector.
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    Setting Up Open Universities
    ( 1996-04-21) Dhanarajan, Gajaraj
    During the next forty minutes or so that we have, I will divide my presentation into three parts: // 1. I will briefly reiterate some points to those you may have already heard about in terms of key planning and implementation considerations once the decision has been made to start, say, an open university or a distance education system. // 2. In the second part, I would like to discuss with you the case study of the Open Learning Institute of Hong Kong; I chose the OLI for three reasons: (i) in some ways it is unique in the manner in which it handled curricular issues; (ii) its financial arrangements are challenging and perhaps characteristically Hong Kong; and (iii) most importantly, I have personal knowledge of the organisation and therefore I can share with you insights into lessons to be learnt from that experience. // 3. In the third part, I will present to you a video programme looking at the OLI five years after its launch to see how far the objectives of the community, the planners and the managers have been accomplished.