03. Pan-Commonwealth Forum 3 (PCF3), 2004

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    Asa Briggs Lecture: Compulsions of Oneness
    ( 2004-07-04) Ramphal, Shridath
    Asa Briggs Lecture presented by Sir Shridath ("Sonny") Ramphal, former Commonwealth Secretary-General (1975-1990) and former Foreign Minister of Guyana, at the Third Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning, 4 July 2014, Dunedin, New Zealand.
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    Comparing learning effectiveness based on use of different media for delivery of content
    ( 2004-07) Kwan, Angela ; Leung, Cynthia ; Smulders, Dave
    In an attempt to understand better how the use of different media of delivery of content at a distance affect learning effectiveness, the Commonwealth of Learning initiated a survey of adult learners engaged in workplace training to undertake the poll. This paper describes the process and the outcomes of the survey.
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    Third Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning: Evaluation Report: Executive Summary and Highlights
    ( 2004-08) Dunlop, Catherine C
    Executive Summary (excerpt)- The Third Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning (PCF3) was held in Dunedin, New Zealand from 4-8 July 2004. The conference organisers were the Commonwealth of Learning www.col.org, the Distance Education Association of New Zealand (Inc) www.deanz.org.nz and the Government of New Zealand, in conjunction with Dunedin Conference Management Services (DCMS) www.dcms.co.nz.