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    Blended Learning Experiences at Nakuru Training Institute
    ( 2023-05) Wamuga, Joseph Mwangi ; Kamonjo, Florence W
    This report presents the results of a survey conducted at Nakuru Training Institute, Kenya to evaluate the blended learning experiences of students and instructors in courses developed during a technology-enabled learning project and offered in the blended mode. The study was carried out among 144 students and nine instructors of blended learning classes. The courses were created and facilitated by instructors who had received blended learning implementation training from the Commonwealth of Learning. Mixed findings emerged from comparing the students’ grades in blended and non blended learning courses. Learners’ opinions of the blended learning environment were generally favourable, because the blended learning experience gave students the freedom to learn when, where and at a speed that worked for them.
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    Technology-Enabled Learning at the Four Public Higher Education Institutions of Mauritius
    ( 2023-05) Gunness, Sandhya ; Rampersad, Rubina D ; Chadeea, Tomal K
    This document reports on the findings of a baseline survey conducted at the four public higher education institutions (HEIs) in Mauritius (University of Mauritius, Open University of Mauritius, University of Technology, Mauritius, and Université des Mascareignes). It outlines the findings of a self-review of the institutional facilities related to technology and policies, and the preparedness of faculty members and students to use technology for teaching and learning at the four HEIs. // Finds of the study presents the need for appropriate policy and their regular revision, capacity building of both students and teachers to take advantages of the capabilities of technologies in teaching and learning, and address the academics skepticism about TEL through appropriate and tangible interventions to mainstream integration of technology in higher education.
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    Immune India through Community Radio
    ( 2021) Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) ; Mathew, Nittin Paul ; Sharma, Monica
    The Ministry of AYUSH engaged Community Radio Stations to connect to the community for its Immunity Campaign. CEMCA supported the Ministry in this campaign. The Immunity Campaign was implemented in 25 CRS located in the country’s rural areas to promote awareness about AYUSH and beneficial effects of building immunity. Through this campaign, more than 18,00,000 community members were reached who belonged to rural, tribal and semi-urban areas in the project site. A survey of more than 13,000 people found that the majority were not aware of the MOA and its practices.
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    Yoga for Well-being Through Community Radio Stations
    ( 2021-08) Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA)
    The Yoga Campaign was CEMCA’s collaborative project with the Ministry of AYUSH along with MDNIY. It was a build-up leading to the International Day of Yoga 2021. 125 Community Radio Stations were chosen as the appropriate tool for the campaign as they are a great means to reach out to the rural areas of the country. MDNIY developed a course named the Common Yoga Protocol (CYP) to help people get an understanding of Yoga and learn more about its philosophies and practices.
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    Benchmarking of Technology-Enabled Learning at Kibabii University
    ( 2023-04) Uys, Philip
    This report presents the findings of the TEL benchmarking carried out at the Kibabii University (KIBU) during March -April 2023. It provides an overview of the methodology, the validated self-study report and an action plan developed by the KIBU team.