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    Advanced Cybersecurity Training for Teachers (ACTT) 3
    ( 2022-12) Commonwealth of Learning (COL)
    Brochure for Advanced Cybersecurity Training for Teachers (ACTT) 3 // The shift to online learning and teaching has drawn increasing attention to the cyber risks likely to be faced in a learning institution. In recent times, cybercriminals have disrupted learning using various attacks, including ransomware, Zoombombing, denial of service, and data theft. It is, therefore, crucial for educators to be cognisant of these threats and be equipped to defend against them. The Advanced Cybersecurity Training for Teachers (ACTT) course is designed to provide teachers, teacher educators and education practitioners with superior knowledge necessary to protect themselves and their students online, as well as create awareness for parents and other stakeholders in digital learning. The course enables participants to proactively protect the digital spaces they use to engage with learners and also adopt good practice for a safe and effective online learning experience.
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    MOOC: Introduction to Social Media Marketing 3
    ( 2022-11) Commonwealth of Learning (COL)
    Social Media has become a buzz word, and it is a vital part of business around the world. There are over 4.74 billion people on social media networks that constitute more than half of the people on earth. Such a boom in social media offers an opportunity for individuals, businesses, governments, social organisations and communities to share, connect and communicate without any geographical boundaries. Many organisations have already started leveraging the power of social media in business communication and marketing. This course has been designed to provide you with a full understanding of how to plan, manage and execute a successful social media strategy using various online platforms. Participants will gain fundamental knowledge of social media marketing as well a specific skill sets to create, manage, track and monitor social media marketing campaigns using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
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    Cybersecurity Training for Teachers (CTT)
    ( 2022-11) Commonwealth of Learning (COL)
    The Cybersecurity Training for Teachers (CTT) is an introductory course designed to equip teachers, teacher educators and other education practitioners with the skills and knowledge that they need to protect themselves and their students online, as well as create awareness for the parents and carers. The adoption of online and other forms of blended learning has presented various threats to teachers and their learners, making the need for training in online safety even greater. In many families from the developing Commonwealth, learners are increasingly accessing online learning and assessment resources using devices owned by parents or older family members, putting them and their families at risk of cyber-attacks. Also, recent reports show a spike in cyber threats within the education sector, making cybersecurity a key concern for educators. In some parts of the world, there have been reports of disruption and learning loss due to cyber threats. This introductory course enables participants to be safe users of digital learning technologies as they engage with learners and their carers in various online spaces.
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    Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth (VUSSC)
    ( 2022-09) Commonwealth of Learning
    Promotional brochure: The Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth (VUSSC) is a network of small countries that work together to develop and share free content for post-secondary, skills-related courses in areas such as tourism, entrepreneurship, disaster management, assistive technologies, use of information and communication technologies, and sustainable agriculture. VUSSC countries have also collaborated to develop degree programmes in Educational Leadership, Environmental Management for Sustainable Development and Youth Work. This course content is non-proprietary and is readily adaptable for use within the specific context of other countries in online, blended and face-to-face modalities.
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    COL Website Accessibilities
    ( 2022-09) Commonwealth of Learning (COL)
    Promotional brochure describing assistive technologies on COL's website and various online services.