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    Quality Assurance of Blended and Online Learning
    ( 2022) Commonwealth of Learning
    The aim of this self-paced course is to help educational institutions develop and roll out quality blended and online courses by using several toolkits and resources COL has developed over the years. In this professional development course, faculty and administrators will learn concepts, approaches and tools in a just-in-time manner to assure the quality of blended and online learning in a post-Covid-19 world. The course helps you understand how to apply this new information to improve the quality of your blended and online course. // This is a PDF version of the course that is available on
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    Motivating and Supporting Online Learners
    ( 2022) Khoo, Elaine ; Bonk, Curtis J
    The course focuses on ideas that will enable educators to create interactions for a variety of educational strategies to support student motivation and learning across different contexts in online environments. Covering theoretical principles with accompanying suggested pedagogical strategies/activities, the course provides practical and innovative ideas for creating active and engaging online learning environments to enhance student motivation to learn. The course is designed for educators and learning facilitators/trainers in general — for example, in-service and/or pre-service educators — from varied backgrounds and levels of experience, intending to further develop their online teaching and learning skills and understanding. Course participants will be introduced to the range of learning opportunities on the Web and will be encouraged to consider how they could personally use and apply various technology tools and web resources effectively in their practice. // This is a PDF version of the course that is available on
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    Pacific Workshop Series for Ministry Officials: Policy and Planning for Open Distance and Flexible Learning
    ( 2022) Commonwealth of Learning ; Saide
    Learning resources related to the workshop series for the ministry officials in the Pacific on policy and planning for ODFL. This is an initiative under the Partnership for Open, Distance and Flexible Learning Project, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, New Zealand. Workshop 1: Understanding the Open, Distance and Flexible Mode of Delivery, Workshop 2: Distance Education Policy & Systems, Workshop 3: Distance Education Policy & Planning.
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    Learning Analytics: A Primer
    ( 2021-06) Prinsloo, Paul ; Slade, Sharon ; Khalil, Mohammad
    This is an introductory course on Learning Analytics designed to assist teachers understand and use learning analytics ethically and appropriately in their own context. This is a PDF version of the course that is available on
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    Computational Thinking for Teachers
    ( 2021-06) Bhagat, Kaushal Kumar ; Dasgupta, Chandan
    This is an introductory course on Computational Thinking designed to support teachers and students to enhance the problem-solving skills required to solve complex real-world problems. It can be applied across all disciplines, irrespective of students’ grade level. This is a PDF version of the course that is available on