Linking corporate to community technology centers

Reddy, Manjushree
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Learning Links Foundation (LLF), a Delhi based not-for-profit organisation tries to provide a bridge between leading corporate houses and rural community technology centers. Since its inception in 2002, the foundation has successfully linked over 500 community technology centers with various corporate houses. The key strength of the Foundation lies in bringing international experience to solving local issues across geographical boundaries. // The Foundation sees the community technology as a national movement that sprung up around the country based on need and has now coalesced into a unified movement. The Foundation’s Community Development Initiatives cover a broad spectrum of activities across communities- children and professionals, through models that address critical issues affecting quality of life and the future of adolescents, children and adults. The focus is on developing an environment that will address the need continuum across - educational, social, life skills, recreational and workplace readiness for children, adults and communities. The community development initiatives are propagated through a community based environment outside the formal school setting and include learner curriculum and structured training for community centre staff. // Since 2004, the Foundation has been implementing programs for development of technology skills in children from the heart of rural India, extending learning opportunities beyond the classroom. The focus is on developing interest and helping the learners make connections with their own communities through technology driven projects. Over the past three years, the Foundation has trained more than 90,000 learners across 23 States and 4 Union Territories throughout India in partnerships models. // The vision of LLF’s programs is to foster partnerships between underserved communities and students in order to support holistic care. Over the past year, our team has been working to implement this for the several community groups in India and other parts of Asia. At the same time it has created opportunities for students from various disciplines to work and collaborate amongst each other in order to effectively advocate for vulnerable populations. This offers a unique opportunity for students to engage in learning and community education, tenets that help showing innovative pathways to the knowledge society. // We will share some case study based innovative ways of community outreach and development experiences which have been facilitated by LLF having close corporate linkages with some leading corporate houses like Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Dell, etc. We'll also discuss a variety of community technology programs, the many different ways they are funded and the creative ways they reach out to the community.

Community Development,Collaboration,Centres for Educational Technology