Motivation, Experience and Satisfaction Among Adult Learners with Fully Online Web-Based Courses

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Zakariah, Zulaika
Hashim, Raemah A
Musa, Nuruljannah
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Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and Open University Malaysia (OUM)
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The purpose of this paper is to explore the correlation between motivation, experience and the level of satisfaction among fully online adult learners in an Open Distance Learning (ODL) institution. These attributes is commonly studied separately to examine the level of its influence among online adult learners but infrequently collated as one in a study. Based on this, a survey was carried out to adult learners who are currently undergoing Bachelor of human resource and tourism management courses that are fully online. A structured questionnaire survey was used in data collection using Google Drive as the platform to distribute. Overall, 69 online students completed the survey. Although the sample is relatively small and may not contribute significantly to the literature, it does provide an essence to the institution of research as the fully online courses offered by the university are relatively new. Research from this viewpoint, shows that learners are highly motivated with the concept of online learning mainly agreeing that fully online courses allows them do well in class providing if the materials are studied appropriately. However, their experience and satisfaction with the fully online platform does not match the high level of motivation. Contributing factors to the dissatisfaction would be the limit of personal interaction and reliance on own self-discipline. Generally, the respondents showed an average level of satisfaction with the fully online courses. Nonetheless, flexibility of location and time provided by fully online learning remained to be the top reason for satisfaction. The implication of these findings discusses how instructors and course designers provide the necessary technical support to fully online learners in managing their level of motivation and satisfaction. // Paper ID 557
Adult Education, Open and Distance Learning (ODL), Motivators, Online Learning