Instructional Design of Distance Education: Gaps Between Theory and Practices at Allama Iqbal Open University (Pakistan)

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Chaudhary, Muhammad A
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Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and Open University Malaysia (OUM)

Instructional Design in Distance Education is an innovative subject in itself. It is key to design course material. It generally refers to planning, development, delivery and evaluation of instructional system. This study is significant from point of view that only standardized self-instructional material is useful for the learner in distance education system. An evaluation of existing instructional design followed by Allama Iqbal Open University can lead to further improvement in instructional material and ultimately the quality of education can be ensured with production of high quality self-instructional material. This study is a source of knowledge for course coordinators, writers, editors, media personnel’s, tutors and researchers. The study aimed to evaluate the existing instructional design followed by Allama Iqbal Open University ,to identify the gaps between theory and practices and propose strategies for an improved instructional design system for Allama Iqbal Open University. The study was conducted on a sample comprising 75 course writers, 25 course reviewers, 5 course editors,10 media producers, 150 part time tutors and 1000 students of AIOU. Design of study was cross sectional and survey. Data was collected with a questionnaire on five point likert scale and a focus grup discussion. Analysis was made by percentage , mean score, and ANOVA. Study revealed the following gaps: proper need assessment is not being done before conceiving the outlines of courses. Courses do not contain sufficient activities, pictures and illustrations. Blend of media is very weak. Online courses are not operational. E. assessment have not been started. Study recommended that proper need assessment may be conducted before writing any course. Multi-media support may be provided along with correspondence courses. Text material of courses should be enriched with illustrations ,pictures, activities and self assessment courses should be started. System of E. assessment should be operationalized. Revision of curricula as per need assessment should be arranged. // Paper ID 20

Distance Education,Instructional Design,Open Universities