HPass: Lifelong Learning and Skills Transferability in the Humanitarian Sector

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

PCF10 Sub-theme: Fostering Lifelong Learning [PRESENTATION] // This session will present HPass, an online platform using digital badges to promote recognition of skills and experience in the humanitarian sector. Given that humanitarians move quickly between roles and organisations, and that recruiters need to make fast-paced decisions about their suitability for posts, HPass offers a platform through which humanitarians can provide verifiable, at-a-glance evidence of their expertise. It promotes transferability of credentials between organisations, and promotes lifelong learning in a sector whose workers are continually required to adjust – in order to deal with new contexts, evolving threats such as prolonged conflict and climate-related crises, and new ways of working made possible through technological advance (for example cash transfer programming, biometric identification, use of big data). // Humanitarians create an online myHPass profile on which to display digital badges issued by a range of HPass user organisations. There are currently over 20,000 myHPass users and 28 user organisations, ranging from international NGOs such as War Child and World Vision, to local humanitarian learning providers. Importantly, HPass supports the ‘localisation’ agenda in the humanitarian and development sectors, by enabling humanitarian actors from all over the world to gain evidence of their skills which is verifiable online. HPass enables organisations to create badges recognising a wide range of skills and experience, recognising that many humanitarians based in areas affected by crisis have gained knowledge through practical experience as opposed to formal assessments. // HPass is growing fast, and aims to be transformational for the sector, by increasing visibility of the most committed and qualified candidates and those based in crisis-affected settings, and ultimately ensuring that the right people are deployed to deliver humanitarian response. // This session will cover the following: 1. Overview of HPass and its story so far 2. How is HPass increasing transparency & consistency in the way we recognise humanitarian skills? 3. What we’ve learnt about partnership from developing a collaborative initiative for the sector 4. Presentations from two user organisations (for example War Child, World Vision) 5. What’s next for HPass? How can HPass continue to promote lifelong learning and skills-based hiring in the sector? 6. Questions, ideas, and opportunity for participants to earn a badge by reflecting on the session // Paper ID 6316

Lifelong Learning,Micro-Credentials,Digital Badge