Transformative Model of Life’s Skills Basic Education for Gender Impact of Violence, Sexual Coercion and Vulnerability to HIV Aid through Distance Mode of Teacher Training

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

PCF5 Theme: Children & Youth // The challenges facing the developing world in seeking long-term solutions to prevent the transmission of HIV are daunting. Youth and adolescent in Pakistan are prone to numbers of novel problems due to changing social norms and values. These include HIV/AIDS, sexual transmitted infections, use of drugs, violence sexist attitude and sexual coercion. It is thus imperative to equip the adolescent of Pakistan with necessary life skills to deal effectively with challenges of life and not letting it dirt away towards the failure in life. Education system in Pakistan lacks the ability to inculcate life skills through its traditional teaching-learning process. It was and is need of the time that educational programmes with appropriate learning environment are necessary for the development of life skills using the Life Skills Based Education (LSBE) approach thus empowering adolescents in challenging situations. Whole of this scenario demands for the development of this “Life Skills Basic Education. The study aimed at identifying the activities for the secondary school teachers which they can plug into the daily classroom teaching for inculcation of life skills in adolescents. Pre and post tests were conducted on sample of 341 teachers who were given training through distance mode of AIOU on 10 modules developed for this purpose. The nine modules included on Communication skills, Negotiation skills, Assertiveness skills, Interpersonal skills, Empathy, Decision making/problem solving, Critical thinking, Managing stress, coping with emotions and self awareness (internal locus of control).The manual focused on various approaches to address risk behaviours of adolescents and to sensitize the participants on adolescents’ risk behaviour, learn basic concepts related to sexuality, violence among adolescent transmitted infections including HIV and core of life skills. The post test indicated a significant difference transformative index (TI) of 2.05 on all the 25 parameters of LSBE with 204.11 percentage gain maximum 821.96% for decision making skill. // PID 718

Youth,Open and Distance Learning (ODL),Life Skills,Teacher Education