Capacity Building to Mainstream ODL Management at the Bangladesh Open University

Mannan, M A
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Bangladesh Open University (BOU) runs educational programmes ranging from certificate to master degree under open and distance learning (ODL) mode where self-learning materials (SLMs), radio-TV broadcasts (RTBs), and tutorials support services (TSS) are extensively used. The University was established in 1992 as ‘BOU Establishment Project’ under the loan arrangement from the Asian Development Bank and during the project period it trained most of the newly appointed academic and support staff; but it has been very minimal after the University gone under the government revenue budget in 2000. BOU analysed the institutional landscape for using and adapting existing ODL model – or creating new ones – to promote three aspects (SLM, RTB, & TSS) of the programme delivery as noted in the beginning which are critical for the ODL development. BOU has two types of employees – academic & support staff and contractors (writers, editors, illustrators, media persons, and tutors) – and they require the capacity to build good governance of distance education with many organisations in a partnership manner. Recently, the University developed a model of capacity building to train its in-house staff and contactors with a view to develop a quality culture for promoting ODL delivery at the BOU. This paper explores the capacity building policy and practice in fields of ODL and also examines the strategic importance of inter-organisational relationships what develops the partnership in distance education and provides tools for promoting institutional development through capacity building. The current administration invests resources especially in digital content development; open educational recourses (OER) and learners’ support services field which will have sustainable impact on ODL growth at the BOU and help enhance the credibility of ODL systems in the emerging context. This paper discusses the model of capacity building to mainstream ODL management at the BOU which as tremendous impacts on creating a culture of quality. // Paper ID: 212

Open and Distance Learning (ODL),Capacity Building,Education Management,Institutional Development