An Analytical case study on AISECT and Skill Development Initiatives: A Journey from Pre to Post Globalization Era

Singh, Vijay
Jauhari, Sangeeta
Tiwari, Jyoti
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The issue of imparting skill and skill based knowledge is a critical element. It has been observed in the recent past that there is a sudden shift in the India’s economy as a knowledge based economy.To strengthens this base a new generation of educated and skilled young force is required. It has been found out that only 2 % of the Indian workforce has formal vocational skill. This need of imparting skill base knowledge has been realized way back in the year 1985 by a group named as (AISECT) - All India Society for Electronics & Computer Technology, with a mission to impart the technological knowledge to the rural and semi urban and tribal area of the country and promote ICT-based training and services to empower people, generate employment for the youth and unfold entrepreneurship based initiatives to create an inclusive society. Along with this mission, the group has taken the initiatives by offering a wide range of vocational education courses with the objective of addressing the skill gaps. The group supports about 11000 centers in 27 states and 3 union territories of the country. The organization including its institutions has to date transformed the lives of over 12 lakhs students through a host of skill enhancement programme and generated over 10,000 entrepreneurs in the country .The group has formally joined hands with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) with a mission to skill around 1.3 million youth across rural and semi urban India over the next ten years. I.I.M. –World Bank has incorporated this group as a successful case study in the compilation of case studies from India. The present case study is mainly exploring the efforts & initiatives so far have been taken under the umbrella in the area of skill development from the period of pre globalization to post globalization era to meet the challenges of the education and technology. The data used for the study is purely secondary in nature and case study method has been used. // Paper ID: 275

Skills Development,Globalisation