Technological Innovation In Open And Distance Learning : An Aid To Providing More To Children And Young Through Integration With Formal Education

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

The use of modern technological tools, also known as e-technology, in open learning is advocated on many strong grounds : wider and faster access to the learners, cost-effectiveness, better impact due to audio-visual attribute, easy editing and modification to incorporate new developments, repeatability and so on. These arguments are advanced to have a better, vibrant and more effective open and distance learning system. // However, a more significant role still remains unassigned to this new technology-mediated learning. The new role, with an underlying aim of bringing forth socio-economic development in the communities through learning, is to provide learning opportunities to larger number of children and young people. The paper seeks the assumption of this role through integration of non-formal and formal systems of learning. // The objective of the paper is to highlight the crucial role newer and modern tools can play in providing learning opportunities to larger number of children and young people and thus building wider and deeper learning communities through integrating non-formal system and the formal system of learning. It will also discuss the ways and modalities in which this new role should be assumed. The linkages between the technology-mediated learning and integrated learning on the one hand, and the availability of higher learning opportunities to larger number of children and young people on the other hand will be presented in the paper predominantly. As a corollary to it, the paper will also highlight the need and advantages derived through such a technology based integration to communities especially of developing countries as well as to different components of the system viz. learner, teacher, administrative staff etc. // Paper ID 283

Open and Distance Learning (ODL)