Skill Development and Professional Development of Teacher Educators on and through OER

Kanvaria, Vinod K
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Skill development and professional development of teacher educators on, and through, OER is the need of the hour. In this era of growing access and advancement of technology into teaching, learning and professional development of teacher educators, it becomes indispensable to talk about the experiences gained while endeavouring to develop skills and ensuring professional growth of them. // The current paper is based upon the programs held for the skill development and professional development of teacher educators on OER. In these programs, they were equipped with the conceptual outlook of OER, open licensing, classification, use and application, life cycle and exemplary OER for various needs. The main focuses were OER for teaching, learning and professional development. // A few of the OER used for teaching-learning were Edmodo, Classroom 2.0, Wikispaces, Moodle, Mahara, Cmap and Geogebra. Some OER repositories discussed were Merlot, Jorum, Bepress, Slideshare, Open Clipart, UNESCO BKK, COL, College Open Textbooks, Connexions, Oercommons, Openstax, Curriki and Global textbook project. The professional development faction had five elements viz. in-service training programme, academic association, collaboration and forum, journals and other resources, statistical tools; and web conferencing. The specific tools, dealt with, were OCL4ED and Coursera for in-service learning, Wikispaces as LMS, DOAJ as journal database, Open Journal Portal for creating journal, SOFA as statistical tool, S-project / R-project as statistical research tool and Big Blue Buttons as web conferencing platform. // This was amazing that teacher educators, irrespective of their age levels, subjects and locations, were keen to learn innovative ideas pertaining to OER, and having great enthusiasm for learning and using them for all possible purposes. In fact, they were very happy that this time they would be able to be in touch with not only their resource person, but their peers, too, even after completion of the training program. // Paper ID: 224

Skills Development,Teacher Education,Professional Development,Open Educational Resources (OER)