Capacity Building of the mid-level executives through BBA programme of BOU: Efficacy and Efficiency Issues

Rahman, Mahfuzur
Kamal, Mostafa A
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In the present wave of rapid technological innovations, changing market conditions and the emergence of a knowledge-based society, it is almost impossible for a country or economy to keep itself separated from the rest of the world. As a result, every country faces a wide range of challenges arises from the global changes. A wide reservoir of human capital can work as the safeguard for a nation in absorbing the shocks from rapidly growing trend in globalization. However, it is very difficult for the resource-poor developing countries like Bangladesh to form human capital rapidly with the traditional education and training arrangements. Here, the role of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) is very crucial. Open and distance learning allows the nations to offer education and training to all sections of the population including hard-to-reach people. Bangladesh Open University (BOU) offers a number of the academic programmes including the business education programmes. Among 22 formal programmes of BOU, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme is one of the popular business education programmes started in 2005. Mostly working executives enroll themselves in the programme. BBA program is very much crucial for scaling up the performance of the busy mid-level executives. However, it has not been tried yet to evaluate the role of BBA program in capacity building of the people engaged in emerging business sector of Bangladesh. Earnestly, it has been felt to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency issues of the BBA Program of BOU in terms of capacity building of the mid-level executives in Bangladesh. This study has been intended to emphasize on the following issues:  Effectiveness of the BBA programme of BOU  Efficiency issues of the BBA programme of BOU compared to that of the on-campus universities  Scope of ICT integration into BBA for enhancing the performance/effectiveness of the programme  Potentials of ICT integration into BBA for accelerating the female participation into the programme // Paper ID: 297

Skills Development,Capacity Building,Business Administration,ICT in Education