Practical Approaches of Persuasion to Open and Distance Learning for Children and Young People in the Technology Enriched Era

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Navaneedhan, C Girija
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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

PCF5 Theme: Children & Youth // The main objective of the study is to highlight the significance of open and distance learning in teacher education. Many young graduates working as teachers pursue teacher education through open and distance learning mode extending for a period of two years. An effective demonstration technique practiced in the learning process of the students enrolled under Open and Distance learning is project based learning followed by assessment based on its effective implementation during their practice teaching session. The strategy of assessment was explained by the demonstrator. A group of students opted for science optional were given demonstration about the methodology of project based learning during their contact seminar session integrating technology. At the end of the session each one of them were given assignment on a particular topic adopting project based learning. Instructions were given to carry out research on project-based learning, its advantages, practical implementation, and to send report on or before an agreed deadline through online in order to assess the quality of report. It was found that when learning was carried in an online environment by students enrolled in Open and distance learning provided more time to think and learn the concept at their pace, engaging them in deep learning about the topic concerned. The reports are assessed through online mentioning the criteria of assessment. The students review their assessment judge their own capabilities and work on the remarks. Thus open and distance learning enables the student to process the instruction whether it is paper based or computer based, providing flexible sequences of study, with negotiated content, learning methods, negotiated assessment methods. It is concluded that open and distance learning increases enrollment ratio of learners at all levels who are deprived of formal education due to various reasons. // PID_705

Open Learning,Distance Education,Youth,Teacher Education,Open and Distance Learning (ODL)