Lessons from Reviews of Lifelong Learning Policies in Namibia

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

PCF10 Sub-theme: Fostering Lifelong Learning // This paper is a document analysis of students’ assignments who studied a course on Policy Studies in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning offered at an undergraduate level, Bachelor of Education (Lifelong Learning and Community Education) at the University of Namibia. The aim of the document analysis was to dissect if there is an answer to the research questions on whether Lifelong Learning policies in Namibia accurately translate what their legislations provide for. The study was qualitative in nature as it interrogated eighty-one voices presented in assignments submitted for assessments over the period of three years (2019 – 2021). The analysis of cohorts’ responses over the years was documented by the educators to find out if they demonstrate a deep-rooted insight into policy development, policy implementation and evaluation and the relationship between policies and legislations. The findings from the three cohorts increased trustworthiness because of resource triangulation that enhanced the guard against bias. The main findings were that in reviewing Lifelong Learning policies, the student developed the necessary understanding that policies derive from legislations and serve as the basis for operationalizing or translating those laws and rules into practice. Additionally, they learned about policy development and policy review as well as best practices in operationalizing laws into policies. However, they failed to see connections between some of the Enabling Acts that were from other sectors rather than education. In conclusions, it was understood that when the policy is developed without it being anchored onto an Act, it creates chaos and uncertainty. In reverse, when the Acts are not comprehensively operationalized through policies, procedures, and guidelines, it also creates chaotic environments. // Paper ID 4839

Policies,Education Policies,Adult Education,Lifelong Learning