Usages of Mobile Technology to Enhance Teaching and Learning Methods for Different Level of Programs of Bangladesh Open University

Islam, Md Anwarul
Numan, Sharker M
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Bangladesh Open University (BOU) is a distinctive seat of learning that imparts education through open and distance mode. This university usually usages print materials for the learners but occasionally usages technology like some electronic devices to reach people in different corners of the country. BOU offering education for mass people those who did not take part their education in conventional educational system. It is now offering secondary to tertiary levels of programs. All level of education seeker has opportunity to enroll in BOU’s programs to upgrade themselves from the existing knowledge and fit them in their required job market. The posses of learning which BOU is using for the learners are not up-to the mark to dissemination of knowledge. To overcome this situation and to ensure the quality teaching and learning methods BOU is now thinking to use mobile and internet technology for the learners. The total number of mobile phone active subscribers in Bangladesh has reached 98.593 million at the end of February 2013 while the number of active internet user has reached 30.39 million (BTRC, 2013). BOU is now in the implementing phase to installing a software and database for course materials of different programs. BOU can try to introduce educational mobile technology for their learners as learning tools. It would be a great opportunity for the learners to access their study material and any other quarries regarding their learning process by using the student portal from their mobile internet. This is cost-effective and time saving approaches to enhance the teaching and learning process for huge number of disadvantage, rural and remote learners. This paper tries to focus on how learners can familiar with the mobile learning and the prospects of mobile learning in the context of Bangladesh. // Paper ID: 48

Technology and Innovation,Mobile Learning (mLearning),Mobile Technology in Education,Teaching and Learning Methods,Open and Distance Learning (ODL)