Learning Support through Learning Guide Design

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

PCF2 // Outcomes-based education and training calls for a different approach to learning support. One of the challenges in Distance Learning is guiding learners towards lifelong learning with the aid of specific learning interventions built into the learning guide. This learning guide, the primary medium of communication in Distance learning, must meet the requirements of outcomes-based education and training. Our learners need a learning guide that is designed to: // o direct them through a series of appropriate learning activities, and // o direct them to a range of resources, // thereby providing the support they need to achieve the outcomes set for a particular programme and/or qualification. // This paper focuses on the design of learning support in the learning guide, specifically instructional design and layout design, which will ensure facilitation of learning. The Centre for Courseware Design and Development (CCDD), Technikon SA, acknowledges the fact that industry has real requirements that must be met. In order to guide learners towards achieving outcomes set to satisfy specific industry requirements, the CCDD has adopted a co-operative approach in the design of learning guides. // During the design phase (of the design and development cycle) a team of stakeholders puts together the instructional strategy (design/plan) for the programme/instructional offering as well as specific measures that would ensure implementation of the design by the author of the guide. Implementation of the strategy ensures that the learning support will feature in the learning guide as planned by the design team. // In this presentation my colleague, Babs Greven, Electronic Originator at the CCDD, and I will illustrate with practical examples, what exactly happens in the design of the learning guide and how this approach breaks down barriers to access and success. //

South Africa