Ageing Population Perceptions on Expected Learning Contents and Ageing-Centered Modes in the Six Geo-Political Zones of Nigeria

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

The study adopted a descriptive, cross

sectional survey design. Randomization sampling technique was used to select 378 retirees from six State capitals in the six geo

political zones of Nigeria. The instrument for data collection was: Ageing Perceived and Expected Learning Contents and Modes Scale’ (APELCMS). The validity of the instrument was ensured through face and content validity and for the reliability, a pilot test was conducted and a test re

test was administered after three wee ks, yielded a correlation coefficient (r) of 0.811. Frequency count, percentage and t – test statistical method was used to analyse the data. Findings indicated that the mean age for the sampled from the six geo

political zones = 61.90 years, expected lear ning contents were, learning activities on demand and development for group with specific knowledge and abilities (59=15.61%), preventing security threat from neighbourhood and larger society (71=18.78%); modalities for starting a petty trading and skill a cquisitions for extra income (51=13.49%); diverse family and community roles (41=10.85%); ageing social and health care (65=17.19%); changes in legislations and policies (43=11.38%); unpaid careers and support institutions for the ageing group (41=10.85); coping with life after retirement (07=1.85), and the perceived ageing

centred learning modes indicated life

long open education and learning that provides for adult later life education (39=10.32%), technological innovations (59=15.61%), considers gender, culture and economic status (121=32.01%), government and non

government supports (119=31.48%) and life

long open education and learning that did not place complete priority on certificate and grade (40=10.58%). The finding also discovered a statistically s ignificant gender difference on the expected learning contents (t = 4.69 < 2.101) and statistically significant gender difference on ageing

cantered learning modes (t = 2.91< 1.957). Recommendations were made towards integration of individual ageing group perceived and expected learning contents and modes into the life

long open education and learning programmes in Nigeria and other similar areas. // Paper ID 52

Lifelong Learning,Learning Materials