Developing a Model for Borderless and Trans-National education Through the ODL System

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Nair, M C
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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

PCF5: Cross-Cutting Theme // Global development mainly emphasises quality education bridging cultural distance through Open Distance Learning. The ODL system, being open in all respects, as per its stated philosophy, committed to a methodology of bridging the distance between the learner and the teacher through technology, and operating through a process of providing necessary learning experience through a learner-centered approach, has been adapted/adopted as an appropriate system of education by many developing countries including India. ODL in India has made its impact in the educational scenario of our country and in the forthcoming 11th plan it is envisaged as a policy matter that at least 40% of the total enrolment in the higher education sector should be brought under the ODL system. // At present, there are 150 dual-mode Distance Education Institutions, 13 State Open Universities (SOUs), one National Open University, one National Institute of Open Schooling, and five Open Schools in various States. In addition to the fact that IGNOU has its jurisdiction in the whole country, it has also established study centres in 46 foreign countries. It is in this context, my paper proposes out of a model for the cross-cultural transfer of a ‘learning experience’, such as a course/ programme/curriculum from one cultural zone to another so that the learning experience could be suitably adapted in that zone thus leading to considerable savings in time, efforts, and cost involved in reproducing courses while tailoring them to region specific needs. // After analyzing the national and international experience in this area my paper presents a model through which a programme or a course developed in IGNOU or in any other ODL Institute/State Open University could be suitably and effectively transformed and transferred to any other zone/state/country cost-effectively to make the content, dissemination and evaluation of the course not only region-specific but also target-specific. // Paper ID 423

Open and Distance Learning (ODL),Models and Frameworks,Cross-Border Education