Sustainable Development Through ODL: The Experience of KKHSOU

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Das, Prasenjit
Bordoloi, Ritimoni
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Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and Open University Malaysia (OUM)
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When the universities in a state like Assam are trying to take cognizance of the needs of the learners by carefully structuring the curriculum of the different academic programmes, they should also pay heed to the changes taking place in the 21st century. Hence, to keep pace with that, the learners need to acquire skills which are productive and can help them generate further resources. Here, education becomes the most important mechanism for the empowerment as well as sustainability of the people in terms of their socio-political as well as economic development. Quality is the major concern in providing access to education to all and therefore KKHSOU has endeavoured, since the beginning, to achieve the goal of sustainable development through quality education as well as functional literacy. The credibility and success of open and distance learning system depend on a number of factors as has been found out through the tracer study conducted. They are—the Curricula should be well thoughtout, need-based, employment-oriented and learner-friendly; Self Learning Materials (SLMs) both in print and audiovisual forms are to be revised and updated regularly to suit emerging needs; Timely and adequate learners support services (LSS) should be provided to enhance accessibility; Quality of open and distance education needs to be continuously improved with the use of ICT; good governance needs to be a pre-condition for quality assurance mechanism of a university like KKHSOU; and finally KKHSOU should tie up with local and national enterprises and link up with industries so that the graduates can be recruited for their livelihood. Thus, for sustainable development, KKHSOU must come forward to educate people for new avenues of employment or entrepreneurship so that all learners can lead a meaningful and dignified life. // Paper Id 259
Open and Distance Learning (ODL), Sustainable Development, Higher Education