Factors Inhibiting Sports Lecturer’s Publication Productivity in International Journals


Scientific publication is an essential part of research dissemination, irrespective of the productivity effects on lecturers' careers. Therefore, this study aims to determine the internal and external factors inhibiting the productivity of sports lecturers' publication in international journals. This is qualitative descriptive research with a survey method and questionnaire used to collect data from 74 sports lecturers in Indonesia by using Google form. The data were further analyzed to reduce the number of the original variables using the factor analysis method with the validity tests includes KMO (Kaiser Meyer Olkin), Bartlett, and MSA (Measure of Sampling Adequacy) used for reliability. The results showed that the sports lecturer’s writing ability and cost are responsible for inhibiting publications' productivity in international journals as opposed to gender analysis. The majority had limited time to write because most of their activities were carried out in the field. Grants offered by both the government and universities are expected to be absorbed to support the sports lecturers' publication activities in Indonesia. Further studies need to be carried out by analyzing the college type, academic position, and age as considerations for stakeholders to take strategic steps to overcome publication challenges.

Higher Education,Research,Capacity Building
Journal of Learning for Development;Vol 8; No 3