Promoting Resilience in Nurse Education

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Berland, Alex
Capone, Kathleen
Chickering, Miriam
Ewoing, Helen
Frank, Erica
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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)
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PCF10 Sub-theme: Building Resilience [PRESENTATION ] // In a panel setting, we anticipate contributing to discussion around the following topics. The panel will be highly interactive with opportunities for Q and A on these and related topics based on audience interest. 1. In developing curriculum for professional training, how does an OER producer help users to align with national/local employer and regulator expectations? (5 minutes) 2. What are the options and considerations for using an OER platform or course management software with appropriate controls for file management, accessibility, user security etc.? (5 minutes) 3. What is the appropriate level of support regarding user’s abilities with technology and on-line resources? What about technology constraints in low-resource settings? (5 minutes) 4. Is there a role for OER related to administrative policies for educational institutions (i.e. ethical conduct, research approval, plagiarism)? (5 minutes) 5. How best might OER producers communicate the availability of curriculum resources to stakeholder groups and potential users? (5 minutes) 6. What mechanisms can be used for dynamic knowledge creation and translation to ensure that each course is based on current best practice? (5 minutes) /7. For nursing, a special concern with on-line learning is development of professional comportment ("high-touch" or compassionate care, values formation, accountability, professional identity, ethics etc.) Is there a role for communities of practice using social media to supplement OER tools? (5 minutes) 8. What social, cultural, or institutional factors influence uptake of OER materials by nurse educators? (5 minutes) 9. How does the use of OER in the professional education setting contribute to resilience in students, educators and national health systems? (5 minutes) // Paper ID 9516
Professional Development, Open Educational Resources (OER), Resilience
USA, Canada
Caribbean and Americas