Teachers' Perspectives on Transforming Current Teaching Learning Environment to Smart Classroom Environment

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

The successful transformation of Smart Classroom practices depends on teachers’ positive attitude and mind settings. Therefore, this study tries to identify teachers’ perceptions on transforming the current teaching

learning environment into smart classrooms environment. Quantitative and qualitative research approaches w ere used in this study within a framework of a survey research design. The target population of this study consists of teachers from various schools in the Colombo district. Teachers following PGDE programme at the Colombo Regional Centre of the Open Univ ersity of Sri Lanka, in 2018/2019 academic year were selected as a convenient sample for this study.
Primary data of this study was collected using a questionnaire which focused on collecting data on three identified key areas: (1) teachers' awareness on the concept of smart classroom (2) teachers' perceptions on the benefits of integration of smart classroom practices and (3) teachers' perceptions about the challenges and issues in integration of smart classroom practices in Sri Lankan schools. Teachers' responses to the questionnaires were analyzed using frequencies and percentages. This study revealed that even though the concept of smart classroom practices is new to teachers in Sri Lanka, they have an awareness of the concept of a smart classroom and have positive perceptions of smart classroom practices. They perceived that smart classroom practices may yield several benefits including changing the traditional way of teaching, providing updated subject information, enhancing effectiveness of the teach ing and learning process, increasing students’ interest in learning, incorporating changes happening in the IT world and building up of skills and attitudes of the students to cope with challenges emerging from the world of work. Therefore, this study sugg ests that relevant stakeholders should take more initiatives to construct smart classrooms and ensure their maximum utilization in the schools // Paper ID 19

Learning Environment,Educational Technology