Artemisia Improving Livelihoods In Eastern And Central Kenya

Kago, E K
Arundo, T O
Ngetich, A K
Nthuraku, F K
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Malaria has remained a major killer in Africa mainly to children under 5 years. Teachers, parents, pregnant and breast feeding mothers waste productive man-hours either being sick or taking care of their sick children instead of being gainfully employed. With resistance to chroroquine and sulfur based drugs the only alternative WHO approved remedy is coartem (Artemisin Combination Therapy (ACT)) at 600 Ksh per dose in Kenya, too costly for majority. With scientifically approved efficacy of Artemisia tea in management of malaria in rural area among poor communities, it will reduce malaria burden for local communities ensuring malaria treatment at low cost. The study aimed at making Artemisia tea accessible malaria endemic regions in eastern Kenya, to campaign through posters, video and realia for Artemisia accessibility, to reduce incidences of malaria and its economic burden among poor vulnerable rural women. 50% farmers adopted this innovation at college proximity, School Absenteeism reduced, college grades improved. The Kenyan variety did better with more height at flowering, and flowered late than Brazilian variety that dwarfed at flowering and had less foliage subsequently fetching less in the market Both varieties were attacked by white fly. The cuttings from Brazilian variety established faster, producing more seeds which were not viable while Kenyan variety produced less seeds which are more viable. The college supplied enough seeds and seedlings to all the contacts farmers as well as organizing seminars and workshops. Artemisia students have become more marketable. Most of the clients preferred processed tea to seedlings and seeds respectively. The pig manure produced most yields. Artemisia therapy relieved other ailments such as joint pains, digestive discomfort loss of appetite, insomnia, epilepsy menstrual problems and stomach distress. In Thika technical the Artemisia therapy is covered via video learning and modules as short term course in herbal medicine. // Paper ID: 123

Skills Development,Malaria,Health