Student Teachers’ Involvement in Curriculum Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Teacher Education Programmes of Open Universities

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

Teacher Education programmes (TEP) through ODL mo de is considered as an integral part of higher education in India . An active partic ipation of student teachers in learning and encouraging them to construct knowledge by integrating contextual experiences with structured knowledge system in their own workplaces is encouraged through ODL Mode. L earners autonomy in knowledge generation process is recognized by making optimum use of open learning opportunities . The components like curriculum design, curriculum transac tion, learner support services and eva luation process may influence learners involvement in instructional system. Student t eacher s involvement indicate s the relevance and quality of ODL system. The contextual framework of gender, loca le and discipline may influence student teachers involvement in instructional system having interaction with different ODL components. The major objectives of this study were (i) T o study the effect of ODL components on learners involvement in instructional system in the context of demographic variables; gender, loc ale and discipline.
(ii) T o study the effect of interaction of ODL mode components with gender, locale and discipline on learner s invo lvement in instructional system . The population of the study covered ODL mode B.Ed. studen t teachers enrolled in U.P. region of IGNOU and UPRTOU. 400 sample responde nt s of IGNOU (UP region) and (UPRTOU ) were included in the study. ODL mode student teachers involvement scale was used for data collection . Data converted into standard (z) scores w ere analysed by using 2 x 4 f a c t o r i a l d e s i g n ( A NOVA ) followed by t

test s . The study revealed high level of involvement of students in curriculum transaction, assessment and evaluation process irr espective of demographic factors; lowest involvement in curriculum design and moderate in LSS respectively , indicating centralizations of ODL mode . S ignificant interaction effect of locale and ODL components on learners involvement was observed. S tudent teachers involvement must be more wider in ODL Mode TEP.// Paper ID 118

Teacher Education,Curriculum Planning,Design,Open and Distance Learning (ODL)