Collaborative Regional Public Technology Enhanced Learning Management System (TELMS) in Promoting School Teachers’ Lifelong Learning through School ICT Laboratories: Upgrading Knowledge and Human Capital in Malaysia

Lee, Tan Luck
Lee, Hua Jie
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The purpose of this study is to examine the setting, commissioning and managing of a collaborative regional public Technology Enhance Learning Management System (TELMS) as an innovative platform in helping school teachers in Malaysia in upgrading their quality pedagogical knowledge and human capital. The local public teacher training and educational providers could collaborate with existing schools where the teachers’ contribute to organize and dissemination knowledge for life-long learning process in this perspective. They could utilize the existing internet facilities from the school ICT laboratory in upgrading the country’s knowledge economy. Factors like demographic, technology availability, learning culture and leadership to support school teachers’ life-long learning process to educate and improve knowledge economy through the school ICT laboratory in each state were surveyed. In general, there are significant differences among factors stated above which will upgrade the school teachers’ knowledge and knowledge economy in their life-long quest of learning process and upgrading the country’s human capital to be competitive in the region. Good governances in management and enhancement of digital technology in the Regional Public TELMS to upgrade school teachers’ lifelong learning could be beneficial in upgrading their knowledge and fostering their quality of life and human capital. In addition, school teachers could use the digital platform to foster friendship, exchange of knowledge and networking among their peers in the region and cater universal education philosophy of ‘Education for All’. Therefore it is of utmost important for the maximization in the utilization of digital technologies provided by the government initiative to improve its efficiency and integrity on social responsibilities in producing quality human capital through Open and Distance Learning in the quest for lifelong learning perspective.

Technology-Enabled Learning (TEL),Information and Communication Technology (ICT),Open and Distance Learning (ODL),Learning Management Systems (LMS),Lifelong Learning,Formal Education,Teacher Education