Community Radio and Health Development in Rural Cameroon: An Impact Evaluation of COL-Cameroon Link Program in Lebialem SWR, Cameroon

Afutendem, Lucas N
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Community radios are key role players and important change makers in establishing and promoting healthy trends and life styles. In an effort to educate, protect, support and promote mother and child health care best practices in rural communities, COL-Cameroon Link Partnership turned to Lebialem Community Radio, Menji, South West Region, Cameroon and in active collaboration with local stakeholders, initiated and have been running a program titled "Asogha legung emeh boh mua" (Talk on Mother and Child Health Care) in October 2011. After three years of program implementation, we evaluated it from various angles and to set up an ongoing process of dialogue between project funders, beneficiaries, government, health officials and civil society. We evaluate the development, implementation and impact of the new approach to health. // Data was collected from a sample of 120 respondents. It was analyzed with descriptive statistics using frequency distribution and percentage. Target Group Interviews (TGI) and participant observation techniques (POT) were used to evaluate the program, to obtain qualitative information about the views of beneficiaries, government and civil society, and to assess program development and implementation. Respondents expressed their knowledge, opinions and concerns about mother and child health especially breast-feeding. // The findings revealed that 70% of listeners indicated that the program was relevant to the mother and child health care information needs. 80% of respondents admitted that they gained some new knowledge through listening to the program and that all efforts should be made to sustain it. However, some constraints were observed as irregularity of broadcast and non-access of the radio waves in certain localities. The results offer advice on additional considerations that should be taken into account when setting up the project in other communities. Conclusions are followed with suggestions for the way forward. // Paper ID: 100

Skills Development,Community Radio,Health,Monitoring and Evaluation,Sustainable Development