E-Learning - The NOS Initiatives

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

PCF2 // E-learning is the core area in the web-based education system. The very important aspect of e-learning is that it makes the learner independent of place and time both of which are the basic bounding factors for education through traditional method. There are enormous amount of potential in e-learning through web which can be exploited to provide quality and equitable education to learner particularly in the case of open learning and distance education. IT- literacy is no more an option but has become an essential requirement. Our children need to be given IT backbone to stand and ompete with rest of the world. // National Open School (NOS) is the largest open school in the world in terms of its annual and cumulative enrolment, programmes and courses offered and geographical areas under its operation. NOS has also ventured into this web-based education by providing greater extent of connectivity to remote places. A number of IT-enabled programmes and courses have been initiated by NOS harnessing the web technology. The two basic features of e-learning are provision of information and inter-active learning. Both are being initiated by NOS as major breakthrough from traditional mode of open learning and distance education through its official web-site http://www.nos.org // NOS in an innovative way have established a strong network of over 100 institutions for running all its IT-courses. NOS has also successfully produced the CD-version of all its course materials and made them available to students as priced publications. The course materials have also been placed onto NOS web-site in the interest of the students and educators. In the inter-active learning mode NOS is offering Certificate in Computer Applications through Internet. The course has been supported by Internet Access Point and on-line tutorials and assignments. In the area of testing and certification, NOS has made a greater initiative by introducing On-Demand Examination System. The initiatives undertaken by NOS in the field of e-learning is really remarkable and have been proved to be a great step towards IT-literacy programme. //