Struggle to Achieve Reach and Richness in ODL Delivery: The case of Technical and Vocational Teachers’ College (TVTC) in Zambia

Kalungulungu, Misheck
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The paper aims to address the trade off that exist between reach and richness in delivery of open and distance learning. The reach is defined in this paper as the number of people who participate or have access to training. Richness is described as the quality of learning that is provided. The hypothetical belief is that, the richer the program is, the more likely that fewer people would be able to access it. This has been the dark side of ODL delivery in many Learning Institutions in Zambia and TVTC is not an exception. // In Zambia, the effects of reach and richness trade off are highly pronounced. In the recent past the media in Zambia has been reporting how students in higher learning institutions have been spending nights in the corridors and the canteens because the administration enrolled more than the available bed space. TVTC has also been struggling with the problem of accommodation. // The big question is that, is the country going to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in the area of achieving Education for All (EFA)? The quest to achieve EFA will remain academic if dynamic interventions are not made in the provision of education. TVTC plays a significant role in achieving EFA and skills development in the country through the teachers it trains. // It is common knowledge that technologically enabled training makes the combination of reach and richness not an issue to bother education providers no more. However, this is easier said than done. It is for this reason that the author takes an investigation to identify a workable solution for Zambia by talking about his experiences in ODL delivery are recommending cheaper technology for developing nations. // Paper ID: 132
Skills Development, Education for All, Technical/Vocational Education and Training (TVET), Millennium Development Goals (MDG)