Community of Inquiry: Designing for Lifelong Learning Regulation Dell, Debra Cleveland-Innes, Martha Vaughan, Norm
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dc.description.abstract PCF10 Sub-theme: Fostering Lifelong Learning // The Community of Inquiry framework is used extensively to design and evaluate open and distance learning courses, including MOOCs. In the CoI model, at the intersection of the way we think and make sense of content (cognitive presence) and how we demonstrate, assess, and make our learning and unlearning visible (teaching presence) is the construct overlap called regulating learning. The regulating learning overlap is deeply connected to core CoI concepts of community building, purposeful inquiry, discourse, metacognition, and self and co-regulation (Akyol & Garrison, 2011; Garrison, 2013). // In 2021 a team of research practitioners began the development of a learner self-assessment tool designed for early course use. The CoI learner tool is a 32-item self-reflection advance organizing tool intended as a praxis and scaffolding resource for the Community of Inquiry-based learning design. The tool itself weaves self-reflection and CoI definitions and diagrams to make CoI philosophy explicit by decomposing the complexity and promoting the core concepts of lifelong learning tendencies, including motivation, perseverance, and learning regulation (Coşkun & Demirel, 2010) // Paper ID 6044
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dc.title Community of Inquiry: Designing for Lifelong Learning Regulation
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