The GMS Toolkit : an Integrated Resource for Implementing the Gender Management System Series


This Toolkit has been developed to support your work in gender mainstreaming using the Gender Management System (GMS). // Gender mainstreaming is the process of integrating a gender perspective into all policies, programmes and activities. The GMS is a holistic approach to gender mainstreaming developed by the Commonwealth Secretariat. It aims to bring about fundamental and lasting change in society as a whole by transforming the structures that create and perpetuate gender inequality. It starts with organisational change in government, and is designed for the use of governments in partnership with other stakeholders, including civil society, the private sector and international governmental organisations. // The Commonwealth Secretariat has produced a series of reference manuals presenting the concepts and methodology of the GMS, with both general and sector-specifi c guidelines and tools for analysis and planning. This Toolkit is designed to help you more easily use these resources. // Introducing the GMS Toolkit The aim of the GMS Toolkit is to: • help people responsible for gender mainstreaming • enable them to put the Gender Management System Series of manuals into practice • provide a range of tools to make the manuals more accessible // The Toolkit is designed for people who are responsible for action on gender equality in government and other stakeholder organisations. // It will be useful for you if you are a:

  • gender focal point
  • manager
  • gender policy maker
  • legislator
  • advocate for gender mainstreaming
  • gender specialist looking for sectoral materials
  • sector specialist looking for gender materials
  • trainer or trainee
  • researcher
  • librarian or information specialist
  • human resources practitioner
  • member of a lead agency, gender management team, inter-ministerial steering committee or parliamentary gender caucus // Users of the Toolkit will have a wide range of educational backgrounds, existing knowledge, skills, attitudes and motives. You may be a busy manager who has no time to study concepts, a gender advocate who has passion but needs examples of good practice, a gender trainer who knows the concepts but would benefit from new facilitation skills, or a gender focal point who has to learn from scratch. Whoever you are, you are likely to be someone who needs to:
  • become a credible gender equality advocate
  • see clear links between gender and the sector you work in
  • find materials that can be used in your work
  • take a practical approach to policy issues
  • work under high pressure to perform
  • make the most of the scarce time available // The Toolkit is made up of the following components: • Action Guide • Change Management Briefing • Trainer’s Guide
Gender Management System series;