The Effect of Innovative Pedagogy on learning performances of TVET students in Technical Colleges in Lagos State, Nigeria

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

The functionality of the teaching and learning methods of Technical and Vocational Education and T raining (TVET) plays an important role in determining it’s quality.
In this study inno vative pedagogy is desi gned for use by TVET teachers at secondary level of education in La gos . Innovative pedagogy (IP) designed were facilitated peer tutoring and industry based method for classroom teaching . The purpose was to determine the effectiveness of the IP on student learning outcome . The sample for this study consisted of 409 technical students in seven C olleges.
The instruments for the quasi experimental study are three respective achievement test designed for each of the three subjects : Electrical Installation Maintenance, Computer Craft Practices and Catering Craft Practices . Capacity building workshop (induction) was organized for teachers with focus of concept of innovative pedagogy integration in classroom. The researchers and teachers developed steps for im plementation and lesson plan s for the combination of these teaching methods : facilitated peer tutoring + discussion/demonstration methods and Industry based method + discussion/demonstration methods for the three subjects . This paper explains the steps th at can be taken by a teacher in implementing Innovative pedagogy. Complete randomized pre

test and post

test design was adopted for the study and t he performance of the students were measured by the pre

test and post

test. The findings of the study revealed that learning of the three technical subjects using facilitated peer tutoring and the modified industry based approach in classroom teaching had a positive influence on student performance than learning using the conventi onal discussion/demonstration method alone . In conclusion, TVET teachers should apply existing teaching methods in a creative way by combining methods that would meet learners ’ needs and improve the ir p erformance.// Paper ID 6

Technical/Vocational Education and Training (TVET),Pedagogy,Innovation