Policies, Master Plans and a Rolling Strategic Plan in Effective Implementation of ICT Infrastructure and Services: Case Study of the Open University of Tanzania

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Bakari, Jabiri Kuwe
Mbwette, Tolly S A
Shemwetta, Dunstan
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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)
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PCF5: Cross-Cutting Theme // Information and Communication technologies (ICT) is a strategic resource for higher education and its development must be made purposefully to achieve the stated University mission Implementation of Information and communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure and services is among the major challenges faced by the Universities in developing countries today. Among the critical issues is the necessity to have in place an ICT policy plan which is fully aligned with the University Rolling Strategic Plan RSP). This alignment helps senior management to be consistent and more focused in the implementation. Furthermore, it promotes awareness and the necessity to modernize its ICT resources that enable the University to face the twenty first century realities at a better footing. It is also necessary to create a long-term vision of the university information system architecture to prevent event-driven actions, isolated un-interoperable systems and redundant computing and data resources throughout the University. This is achieved through the interpretation of the ICT Policy Plan into an ICT Action Plan—an ICT Master Plan, which in turn provides a detailed specification of priority projects and the associated allocation of resources over a period of agreed number of years. The long term vision should be based on the organisation analysis, ICT analysis and corporate strategic plan. // This paper intends to highlight and share with other educational institutions in the developing world on how the ICT Policy, Master Plan and RSP have helped The Open University of Tanzania to successfully develop, implement and use its ICT infrastructure and services. // Paper ID 434
ICT in Education, Policies, Higher Education, Open Universities