Usages of Technology to Deliver Health Education Programs to Enhance the Health Status of Bangladesh

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Numan, Sharker M
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Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and Open University Malaysia (OUM)

Health education is a broad, multi-dimensional and well-discussed issue in developing countries. The ultimate goal of development is to improve the quality of life and to providing education for all. Bangladesh is a populated country and the number of qualified doctors is 53063, registered nurse 26899 and several thousand allied health professionals have been serving about 160 million people of Bangladesh. The doctor-population ratio is 1:4719 and nurse-population ratio is 1:8226. There are 31 public medical colleges and available seats are 5712 and 53 nursing institutes where annual enrolled are 3670. It is unfortunate that the formal health education system is not enough to provide health services to the large segment of population, particularly the poor and the deprived. // Like other developing countries, long-term health manpower planning is lacking and manpower strength is inadequate. On the other way, limitation for ensuring infrastructure and resource personnel is an important problem for health educational program. It is established that health education and family welfare makes important contribution to poverty alleviation as well as developed the individual and community’s health status. Distance education as well as online learning is therefore, considered as supplementary, complementary, supportive and alternative to formal education. The nature of the information age and communication are changing rapidly. Interactive distance and online learning educational process can reach more learners in more locations with fewer instructors. This paper focuses on health education program that is offering successfully by Bangladesh Open University (BOU) such as “Bachelor of Nursing Program” which has tremendous effort in the health sector of Bangladesh. There are more than 2000 diploma nurses have been graduated from BOU and engaged in teaching, policy-making and upgrade position in deferent health sectors whom are contributing a lot to enhancing the health status of Bangladesh. // Paper ID 454

Information and Communication Technology (ICT),Health,Higher Education