Quality School Education for All: Creating Virtual School for Educational Transformation

Takwale, M G
Desai, C K
Kale, Y G
Panchpor, U
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Education is the key for development and prosperity of any society. Education is a way to acquire knowledge; and knowledge is the foundation for entering successfully into the new global society. However, if education is not imparted with built-in equality and justice, education will never be able to create homogeneous society. In fact, in today’s global opportunities and competition, quality and excellence are the key determining factors for development and prosperity. The school education is imparted at present in Maharashtra State, India by Municipal / District Board schools, aided public schools, private unaided schools and international schools. The present system of education is creating hierarchy and stratification in quality of education provided to the students. The disparities in education are increasing. The impact of this is quite obvious; education will not lead to a society based on equality and justice. This is particularly seen when we compare the quality of education imparted to urban and rural students. // The present models of education do not show any way out to bridge this gap. A bold and new initiative is essential. Quality School Education For All (QS-EFA) is one such initiative developed by I-CONCENT and MKCL evolved after discussions and deliberations with experts in the field of education. // I-CONSENT is a group of educationists and institutions, both from public as well private sectors, who have come together to develop new system of education for equality and justice. MKCL is providing its e-platform and network as well as the essential support to this program. The Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, Canada has supported this endeavor and provided continuous guidance. With the sustained efforts during the last few years, the group has succeeded in evolving a framework for offering Quality School Education for all. It is our considered opinion that only Information Communication Technology mediated processes and methods can help us in creating a model of education that leads to Quality Education For All. Further, the model and design has to be based on future scenario so as to have any chance of success.

Formal Education,Open Schooling,Information and Communication Technology (ICT),Education for All,Models and Frameworks