Distance Education in the Seychelles: Future Directions

Murphy, David
Walker, Rob
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Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver

This report comprises the outcomes of a visit to the Seychelles by the consultants with a view to recommending a possible model of distance education provision for the Republic. It has been our firm view that for any such model to succeed, it must be developed in concert with those who will be required to put it into operation. Hence, what is presented here should be understood as the product of a strongly consultative approach to the task. A number of key issues are seen as vital to successfully implementing a model of distance education. First is the matter of ownership. Programmes offered by distance education have been available (usually successfully) from time to time in the Seychelles, but the concept has never really taken root, largely because ownership has always rested with the overseas host institution. A condition for distance education to become an integral part of the Seychelles education system is that at least part of the system of distance education should be "owned" locally. The second issue relates to the nature of the proposed model of distance education provision, which we believe should be evolutionary. That is, distance education should evolve from what is now essentially a model of overseas provision through to a model of adaptation of overseas courses that involves local student support and assessment. The evolution should take advantage of concurrent staff development in distance education and inevitable increasing access to computer and communication technologies. Thirdly, the model of distance education development should be flexible. That is, while it is possible to currently identify particular areas of need, new opportunities and demands for courses will arise, to which a flexible system of provision should be ready to respond

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