Harnessing the Power Of ICT in ODL: A Case Study Of Open College, University Of Papua New Guinea

Manu, Isaac
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In Technology and Innovation Theme, this abstract paper is a case study of harnessing the power of ICT at Open College, University of Papua New Guinea to teach in ODL. Today internet has so much information out there that ODL students can use to learn for themselves. However access to internet is not available to all students. Some students are in remote study centres, others are in the cities. Internet access is also very expensive in Papua New Guinea. // The following are main 4 systems Open College has adopted to reach the ODL students.

  1. Moodle – Course Management System Moodle is Open College choice for course management system. Open College, after considering other course management systems available, like Blackboard, have chosen to use Moodle At Open College, we have designed our Moodle that is running all the courses that Open College offer on Distant Mode.
  2. USIS – Students Information System University Student Information System (USIS) is the student management system used by Open College to administer students, enrolment, admission and programs. USIS is used to manage students from enrolment to completion of a course.
  3. Adobe Connect – Online Teaching Adobe Connect is software used to create information and general presentations, online training materials, web conferencing and user desktop sharing. The product is entirely Adobe Flash based. Open College has trialled Adobe Connect for Online Teaching in ODL. It is a useful tool for Collaborative and Interactive Pedagogic Transactions in ODL. Adobe Connect will feature prominently in Open College for teaching its ODL students.
  4. Telikom Service Provision Agreement In June 2012, University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) and Telikom PNG, a local telecommunication company signed service provision agreement for provision of internet and interconnectivity between UPNG Open College and its 23 study centres spread through Papua New Guinea. Under this agreement Telikom PNG will provide 2mb IPVPN links to the 23 study centres and connect back to UPNG Open College, thus creating a bigger Open College Wide Area Network (WAN). // Summary: Internet and Communication Technology (ICT) can now be the medium to teach online distance education in terms of enhancing pedagogic transactions between knowledge transmission and acquisition. By harnessing the power of ICT, a rich pedagogic environment will have been created putting UPNG Open College in the forefront of quality teaching and learning in the various academic programs. Furthermore UPNG Open College will be in a position with the ICT ability to reach out to the eligible masses that at present cannot access our programs on offer through open and distance learning using ICT. // Paper ID: 21
Technology and Innovation,Information and Communication Technology (ICT),Open and Distance Learning (ODL),Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (MOODLE)
Papua New Guinea