ICT Enhance Learning for Delivering Quality Education to the Learners of Bangladesh Open University: A Case Study at the Hill Tracks in Bangladesh During Covid-19

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

PCF10 Sub-theme: Building Resilience // Bangladesh Open University (BOU) has taken full advantages of the modern ICT based learning education to deliver education during the national and global crisis because of Covid-19 while in Bangladesh, any face-to-face tutorial services on weekends were widely restricted. In the hilly districts, the tutors of BOU used the available technology such as mobile phone, Zoom, Google Meet, WhatsApp, Messengers to contact the students and to keep a close connection with the students to conduct regular classes and to support them mentally while the individuals suffered severe mental isolation and felt a lack of support during Covid-19. This study was initiated to understand how the teachers in the hilly districts used those available technology to reach the learners to deliver quality education and mental support in the pandemic situation. The study was designed both qualitative and quantitative tools such as structured questionnaire, focus group discussions and individual structured interviews etc. used to collect the data. The respondents were learners, parents, tutors, and study centers’ coordinators. There were 77 respondents participated from the hill tracts, Khagrachari District, Rangamati Hill District, and Bandarban District of Bangladesh. The study has found out how the tutors were effectively and successfully supported the learners to continue their learning process and to motivate them towards their lifelong education and how the technologies helped the learners to overcome all barriers during Covid-19 situation. The findings of the report may contribute to build resilient education system and human effort unstoppable in any circumstances. // Paper ID 8833

ICT in Education,Quality in Education,Higher Education