Harnessing Campus Radio Resources for ODL in Nigeria: Case Studies from Universities of Lagos and Ibadan

Akingbulu, Akin
Olufemi, Joshua
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Open and distance learning (ODL) started early in Nigeria’s educational system. The first generation universities had statutory mandate to engage in ODL. In later years, government provided broader access to higher education by establishing educational institutions with sole mandate for ODL e.g NTI, NOUN. // The search for appropriate technology to support the delivery of ODL also started early as part of the development of these institutions. The desire and determination to use radio in particular was strong. However, the dream of deploying radio effectively could not materialize because only state owned radio stations were available and they had too little space for educational programming. // Liberalization of the broadcasting sector created space for third sector broadcasting, which ushered licensing of campus radio stations in tertiary institutions. Some universities have seized the opportunity to acquire licences and establish campus radio stations. Interestingly, one of the mandates being pursued by these stations is the provision of support for ODL. // This paper intends to do case studies from two Universities where campus radio stations are supporting ODL - Universities of Ibadan and Lagos. The study will explore such issues as nature/model of the relationships between the campus radio stations and the institutions’ ODL programmes, the formats and content of programmes in support of ODL in the stations, the human and material resources available for packaging programmes, adoption of new media by the stations, comparative advantage over traditional ODL delivery systems, challenges and opportunities. // The paper will employ two research approaches: In-depth interview and Focus group discussions. It will also employ theory which applies at the convergence of mediated communication and education, and make statements to show how findings relate to the claims of specific theories. It will make recommendations to policy makers, university administrators, coordinators of campus radio stations and students of ODL programmes. // Paper ID: 391

Technology and Innovation,Radio in Education,Open and Distance Learning (ODL)