Ring Back Tones to Livelihood Changing face of MPlatform Services: Indian Experience

Mantha, Ravishankar
Balaji, Venkataraman
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Bollywood more often then not, is the fulcrum of change in the Indian sub continent. It remains a trend setter, be it for personal likes and dislikes or the ambition of being the Super hero in real life. It has had an amazing impact over the past 6 decades on every Indian, be it in the rural or in the urban part of the country. // The advent of mobiles over the years has transformed, and given rise to the cliched statement ," India has more mobiles then Toilets" , a fact indeed. The 3 inch device has transformed numerous lives and attempts are being made to provide more on the device under the aegis of Value added services. // Plethora of services are being launched and what has truly emerged is the fact that “ Media approach” remains the flavour of the day. Again a benchmark to be drawn from the recent launch of a “ Bollywood video” over the mobile phone at less then a Cent. Service acceptability is a challenge- given the lower literacy levels but usage of mobiles is increasing at the behest of the Bollywood related services. // Our paper would like to provide a detailed view of how the famous Ring Back tones and other Bollywood related services has created user stickiness to the mobile services, which in turn is helping to accept other forms of services which have bearing on the lives of each individual in the rural part of the country. It will focus on the journey of ' Value added services 'and its transformation over the years, with the clear focus to provide multiple services to the unreached. The paper will evaluate the various services which are currently being offered with respect to : livelihood , agriculture, health, education etc. // Paper ID: 331
Technology and Innovation, Mobile Technology in Education, Livelihoods, Agriculture, Health