Empowering an Open Distance Dual-Mode Regional Blended Lifelong Learning Management System through Community Colleges in Supporting the Transformation of Village Girls and Women Societal Development and Human Capital

Lee, Tan Luck
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The Purpose of this research is to examine the empowerment of a Dual-Mode open and blended distance Regional Lifelong Learning Management System model on educating village women in improving the quality of life, human capital and digital knowledge in societal development through the existing community colleges in each district vicinity. The village women could use the wifi connectivity and internet facilities in community colleges not only to communicate but also to acquire knowledge on social livelihood and fulfill the initiative of transforming a digital knowledge society. The culture of using technologies in acquiring first hand social knowledge have great influence in determining the quality of live. Demographic factors such as education level, computer literacy, language proficiency and working experiences are also taken into consideration. Methodology use is by looking into the dimensions of enhancing a dual-mode blended open and distance learning to educate and improve livelihood of Malaysian village women through the Regional dual-mode Lifelong Learning Management System (LMS) through the community colleges (village women demographic, technology facility availability, learning culture and leadership of instructors in community colleges) were examined to determine the success of supporting community lifelong Learning by enhancing Open and Distance Learning and transforming the societal development in Malaysia. The finding shows there are significant differences among factors stated above which will upgrade village youths in improving the quality of life, and digital knowledge in societal development through the community colleges. The introduction of a dual mode regional blended lifelong LMS via the community colleges throughout the country by enhancing open and distance learning could be beneficial to the village youths on social knowledge and networking in fostering and transforming the society development and a digital knowledge society. The Practical implications of this research is the utmost important for the maximization in the utilization of digital technologies in community colleges to improve its efficiency and integrity on the transformation of social development in producing quality human capital. // Paper ID: 17

Women and Girls' Education,Distance Education (Dual Mode),Gender,Lifelong Learning