Editorial: Some More Research on Technology-Enabled Learning

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Panda, Santosh
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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

This is the first issue of this year, and we have included twelve items dealing with various aspects of technology-enabled teaching, learning, training — one invited paper, four research papers, three case studies, two reports from the field, and two book reviews. // For every issue of the Journal, we have now an established practice of inviting an international expert in the field to contribute an invited paper on the broader theme of ‘learning for development’. In the invited section of this issue, Aras Bozkurt analyses, through systematic review and biometric analysis — data mining and analytics (especially, text mining and social network analysis — t-SNE analysis) of the publications indexed in Scopus, the mapping of the impact of COVID-19 and the subsequent transition to the new normal. Three broad themes were identified and analysed — i) resilience, adaptability and sustainability in higher education, ii) psychological status and social wellbeing, and iii) the increasing use of online and hybrid modes of teaching-learning. The author underlines that, in the current pandemic context and its aftermath, the pedagogy needs to go beyond the teaching-learning activities to include trauma-informed pedagogies of care and empathy. Though there has been a significant shift toward online/blended/hybrid/hyflex modes of learning, there is a need to consider the instructional/learning design aspects (going beyond the ‘techno-centric educational strategies’) and learn from the ongoing practices and failures for us to be better prepared for the future.

Technology-Enabled Learning (TEL),Learning for Sustainable Development,ICT in Education
Journal of Learning for Development;Vol 9; No 1