Reach, Effectiveness and Listenership of Community Radio- A Study by National Institute Of Open Schooling (NIOS)

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Thakur, Manoj K
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Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and Open University Malaysia (OUM)

Mass communication has been playing a great role in education, and particularly in open and distance education. Besides, many means of mass communication, community radio has emerged as one of the best means to educate community. National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), world’s largest open schooling recently launched its community radio, first of its own kind, by any open and distance institution in India with an aim to educate not only its learners but also people of nearby community who are not aware of many social and educational aspects. // This research was done for NIOS to get feedback from community, to promote its own community radio and also to find reach, effectiveness and listenership of existing nearby community radio station, so that NIOS may strengthen its future course. // Purposive stratified sampling selecting 500 respondents were chosen for the survey. Observation and survey method within the radius of 5-7 kilometers from NIOS headquarters were used for data collection. Findings of the research showed that community radio was not so famous in the region as compared to other famous existing FM channels. Low awareness, lack of entertainment, no publicity, no participation from community has resulted in less audience. Though, findings showed respondents were interested and enthusiast to participate in the programmes of community radio. They wanted to share their feelings and knowledge with others and also suggested about format and styles of programmes which can give maximum benefit to the community. // This study was an attempt to know advantage and short comings of community radio and its utility in open and distance education. No, doubt, community radio has become best medium to deal with local problems, it also gives a voice to the voiceless, enabling people to speak and make their opinions, grievances and ideas known to those who have the power to make decision. // Paper ID 165

Community Radio,Open and Distance Learning (ODL)