Evaluating the Role of Universities in Promoting Life skills among Young Students

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

PCF10 Sub-theme: Fostering Lifelong Learning // The present study was conducted to examine the role of universities in promoting life skills among the youth to live and work in 21st century. It was a descriptive study and adopted survey approach of the social sciences. The population of the study consisted of the students and faculty (of bachelor studies programs) of the final semester in general universities of Pakistan. Multistage sampling technique was used. Five universities were selected randomly one from each province and one from capital territory –Islamabad; one faculty was taken as cluster; and then finally ten (10) faculty members and Eighty (80) students were contacted purposive-conveniently from each of the faculty of the sampled universities. The total samples thus comprised of 50 university teachers and 400 students. The researcher after the literature review prepared two questionnaires on five-point-likert-scale: one for university teachers and one for the students. After piloting the tools were administered with the help of two data collectors who were trained for the purpose. Out of 50 and 400 questionnaires; forty four and 382 questionnaires of the university teachers and students respectively complete in all respect were received back. As the study was of descriptive nature and explored the role universities in promoting life skills among the youth/ students in Pakistan; hence, descriptive statistics i.e. percentage and mean score(s) was used to analyze the data and demonstrate the situation. On the basis of the data analysis the study concluded that universities have prime responsibility in promoting life skills among youth/ students by offering properly designed co-curricular activities. The universities are promoting life skills among the youth including IT skills, communication skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity & innovation through co-curricular activities. // Paper ID 4135

Skills Development,Communication Skills,Critical Thinking,Higher Education,Collaboration,Life Skills